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Grape HRM
Grape HRM entitles you to manage all your human resource needs in one place.
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Human Resource Management ERP Manages the most important asset in your company: “People”. With our module for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance‚ expenses, payroll, periodic evaluations and recruitment.
Manages all essential data on employees and oversee all important information in the company address book.

It has Specialized functional area within an organization or a division, such as accounting, marketing, planning. Generally every department has its own manager.

Timesheets are the most useful feature when you have jobs that require you to account for employees’ work hours and assign these hours to projects. This ERP tracks timesheets, time spent on tasks, control the employees and project costs.

In the Grape Human Resource Management ERP Product, We can Set-up periodic evaluation plans for our employees and watch their evolution. It defines steps with interviews and keeps track of the progress.

Get rid of the paper work and follow expenses directly into Odoo. We can Easily validate, reimburse and re-invoice.
Employees can enter their requests (paid holidays, sick leave, etc), for managers to approve and validate. Leaves requests can be recorded by employees and Approved by Team Leaders and admin or managers. Once a leave request is Approved, it appears automatically to sent the Team Leader and admin.

Find employee attendance details from their forms in Human Resources and Employees. To get the detail of attendance from an employee’s form in GrapeERP you can use the available reports in attendance module.

Reporting gives you a comprehensive overview of your employees’ timesheet and leaves in one single dashboard.

Payroll maintains data of all the employees of our organization, generates salary slips, manage contracts, gets customized reports.
  • Manages Employee Data
  • Manages Leave request
  • Tracks Attendance
  • Plans periodic evaluation
  • Follows Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Centralizing Expenses
  • Reporting
  • Human Resource Management ERP
  • Human Resource Management ERP2
  • Human Resource Management ERP3
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