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Grape Healthcare
Grape Healthcare empowers you to meet the complex business needs of all aspects of a hospital operation.
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Technology meets Creativity!! to emulate real-time Healthcare Management Process
EMR (Electronic Medical Record) help you to extract the maximum out of healthcare management and administration. With this solution, patients get timely and better quality treatment and doctors get anywhere, anytime any device access to centralized patient medical records. The Result is an astounding real time medical record access that is most effective, life saving and cost saving.

Accuracy and availability of information is key to this domain’s success. Our solution ensures this with the 3 key modules
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Health Information System

The centralized module will allow faster, precise access to patient records that will help doctor’s to move in quickly in case of emergency situation. The automated systems also help the hospital / clinic to be more productive at lower costs.

Clinical, diagnostic and patient management information is all important for effective patient care. The information that Grape Hospital Management System ERP makes accessible helps health care providers to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.
Billing and accounting features are provided via the Grape ERP for Hospitals & Medicare, adapted slightly for health setup, in Grape health management.

The challenge of creating canned reports on patients medical record is that the requirements vary widely by hospitals and is also dependent on how terminologies, forms, patient attributes are setup for them. Grape health management offers a solution to this problem by providing easily configurable canned reports.

Grape Hospital Management System ERP provides a library of these reports using which each implementation can easily create their own reports without understanding the underlying data model of data base. You can also combine multiple of these as sub-reports to create your own reports.

Grape health management provides a simple migration path using which you can IMPORT the old data into Grape health management using CSV files, without writing complex data migration scripts.

You can also use the same approach on an ongoing basis to bring in data from sites that do not have Internet connectivity.
  • CRM
  • Hospital
  • Equipment
  • Appointment
  • Purchase
  • Warehouse
  • Human Resource
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Hospital Management System ERP
  • Hospital Management System ERP
  • Hospital Management System ERP
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