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A fully customizable and easy to use eFLYER.
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A fully customizable and easy to use eFLYER enable your concern’s catalog into an interactive digital experience and assists in promoting your products and services in a very effective way.
eFlyer tool is a web based application developed for ease in maintenance of the Material Master. Most manufacturing industry in the globe spent mostly on the Materials to produce a final product and improper maintenance of these materials will result in enormous loss to a company.

The sole reason for development of this eFlyer tool is to eliminate the bottle necks involved during Maintenance of Materials and paving the way to maintain a coherent system.

It has the option to make the flyer very effective manner. It contains the master data management and SLA details to do the work flow process of flyer creation.

And also it has the option to do check the quality with standards and validation of the flyer to create the error free operations.
We have implemented many vital features in the tool in order to arrest those issues which will hamper the efficient Data Maintenance.

Masters Data Management handles the overall key concepts data for the industries or organization work level process. In that, we can customize the all type of data.

We can upload the bulk amount of data by using excel sheets formats and keep maintain the data for day to day use purpose.

End User Management generates the process to the flyer details and manage the requirements for making flyer. It manages the overall inventory details and give the requirements to make it.
  • Works Smartly and intelligently
  • Easily customizable and scalable
  • SLA TAT Generation
  • Smart Data Management
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Reduce man resources
  • eCatalog
  • eCatalog
  • eCatalog
  • eCatalog
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