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Integrated Aviation ERP
Integrated Aviation ERP for Aviation Businesses.
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The software will be of immense help to support your Air Operator Permit (AOP) and also to efficiently manage the day to day Tech Ops, Flight Ops, Stores & Purchasing functions, all in an integrated manner.
The software can bring in lot of cost savings and will significantly enhance the operational efficiency of the airline. The Software has different modules to handle Engineering, Maintenance, Flight Operations, Quality Assurance, Stores, Purchase, Repair, Exchange, Warranty Monitoring etc. functions of an Airline in a fully Integrated manner.

Another advantage is that our software program is a cloud based solution and therefore does not need any IT infrastructure at the airline’s end. Just an internet connection is all what is required for an authorized user to access the system and to remain updated on the airline’s operations even when not in the work place.

We have many airlines successfully using our software program.

Our software program meets the aviation regulatory requirements as per EASA Part 145, Part M, Part 66, FAR Part 121, FAR Part 129 and FAR Part 135 and corresponding aviation regulatory requirements issued by the National Aviation Authorities of different other countries too.
Aviation ERP System is a fully-integrated, cloud based ERP software which can be used by Airlines, General Aviation Operators, MROs, Repair Stations; Aviation spares providers, Aircraft Owners/Lessors & Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations.

MQIM ERP enables aviation businesses to manage the day-to-day and long-term technical, flying & operational needs with improved efficiency, accuracy and increased speed of processes.

Aviation ERP for Aviation Businesses with various features like Web Based Interface, Data Security, Web Enabled-Available on Multiple Devices, Rapid Development Environment, Built-in audit trail feature to track history, Built-in Document Storage and Management System, Built-in Data Encryption Technology, Fine grained Access Control, Biometric Scanning Capability, Built-in Data Replication Technology Analysis, KPI & Report Generation Capability, Barcode, QR Code and RFID Scanning Capabilities.
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